New Comic Strip Idea. “Flip Side” (working title)

So I made a New Year’s resolution: To get back to drawing for at least 30 minutes every day. So far, so good.
Long ago, I used to draw a personal comic strip. For about 8 years, I would come up with a daily gag using characters that I had created. I estimate about 2500 pages of drawings/jokes in that time. But the months went on, I had other priorities. I tried to get back into the old routine, but for the longest time, I lost the ability to come up with jokes, gags, snappy phrases and quips.
So without further ado, I present to you: My new comic strip series.
The comic focuses on Murphy, a Sea Lion who befriends a small group of fellow Pinnipeds. The comic generally focuses on Murphy’s daily life with his friends and around their work.
The Cast:
-Valerie (a seal): The cute and attractive love interest. Valerie is a sweet, strong, active, working girl. She’s the waitress at the local beach grill, and a performer at the city’s oceanarium.
-Murphy (a sea lion): The charismatic central character of the series. He’s a hard worker and doesn’t take guff from anyone.
-Trent (an elephant seal): The brash jerk of the group. He is a wild seal, living up the coastline with his “frat house” of other elephant seals. He makes a living as the owner of the grill that the cast hangs out at.
-Wyatt (a walrus): The friendly, dim witted giant. He is a subject at the city’s Marine Biology Research Lab.
Murphy sketches

Wyatt sketches
I have quite a few gags written down, so stand by for my latest weekly project.

Matt’s Big Art Update!

In the words of Prof. Farnsworth, GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!
After months of portfolio work, I am finally a storyboard intern at Cosmic Toast Animation. If I do well, there is a good chance that I will be a full time employee by May. Thank the Lord!
Next: I have been doing some freelance concept and character for a writer and his Vampire novel. This is outside my comfort zone of drawing funny cartoon characters, but hey, money is money, and he really likes what I have created for him.

And of course, I have had time to finally start my long awaited, popular demanded Snordo the Dragon comic! Stay tuned to for updates on my personal project.


Went to Hollywood today and found John Lasseters’s newly awarded star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I took about 100 more pictures while we were there of course. Hollywood Blvd has always been one of those famous American Pop Culture streets I’ve always wanted to visit.

Moved to California!

Well, it has finally happened. I am a Californian.
I have been a Michigander my entire life and now all of that has changed.
Seeing how the film industry is practically non existent in Michigan now days, I had to make a very important decision on my part, to follow my goal and head out west where the work is, or stay in Michigan and freelance my way to boredom.
It was both a hard and easy choice to make believe it or not.
This entire summer I worked odd jobs to gain just enough cash to hopefully afford to stay in a city near LA for a few months or until I can find a job in my field of art, whenever that day might come. The summer went by entirely way too fast, and I stressed knowing that I may not obtain the right amount to live comfortably across the country, let a lone get there. But I had made my decision, I had to go through with it no matter what.
After 4 incredible days traveling with my wonderful girlfriend (who also made the hard decision and leave what she had always known behind), we had finally made it to California.
Above is a picture of our first night in our new apartment. Some how this image seemed to tell me: You belong here. This is your new home. You will make it.

Student Show Exhibition

Well I found some time to post some pictures from the College for Creative Studies Student Show Exo. It was a little stressful at first. I didn’t know the exact measurements of my section and I didn’t want to overlap into Rachael’s wall. We also didn’t know what artwork could stay up due to “quality”. However, Rach and I seemed to pick our strongest stuff and it all stayed!

Rachael’s half of our wall.
All of her artwork can be seen at her site:

We were able to wrangle up a table to put her two awesome maquettes and the dolls she made of my characters.
And here’s my half of the wall. I matted character sheets from my Snordo Dragon cast. In the middle is some screenshots from my film Camel Country, and we finish off with assorted character designs and concept art. (found among the sketches and character concepts on this blog!)
Here’s the box that the dolls will be living in for the month. Perfect sized box that was whipped together in about an hour and a half.
Here’s the sign on the door as you walk into this particular gallery. I was excited to see that the faculty took a shot from my Camel Country film to put on the sign.

My Workspace

This desk is where it all happens. I have created a nice little nook here in Senior Studio at College for Creative Studies (Room 301). I was blessed to have a brand new animation light table made just in time for me to start my film. It looks a little messy, but it’s still fairly organized! The little blue box sitting to the right of my desk is the completed animation pile, where my shots are fully in-betweened and ready for inking and coloring.
Of course I have my laptop to the left there just in case I need it, and my main star , Camel sitting right on the desk.

During the first days of animation, this wall in front of you was quite intimidating, seeing how it had 230+ storyboards of my 5 minute film. My process was to simply bring down the scenes I had animated, leaving what needs to be done still right over my desk. Now its come down to my last six shots.
The Mickey Mouse glove is my little “high five for a job well done” decoration.
Just to the right of my desk is an inspiring 3rd story view of the CCS campus. On nice days such as this, the grounds are infesting with art students enjoying the nice weather. Those are the days when its hard to work due to the the distraction of Frisbees and footballs.

Now the question is, am I working hard or hardly working??