Student Show Exhibition

Well I found some time to post some pictures from the College for Creative Studies Student Show Exo. It was a little stressful at first. I didn’t know the exact measurements of my section and I didn’t want to overlap into Rachael’s wall. We also didn’t know what artwork could stay up due to “quality”. However, Rach and I seemed to pick our strongest stuff and it all stayed!

Rachael’s half of our wall.
All of her artwork can be seen at her site:

We were able to wrangle up a table to put her two awesome maquettes and the dolls she made of my characters.
And here’s my half of the wall. I matted character sheets from my Snordo Dragon cast. In the middle is some screenshots from my film Camel Country, and we finish off with assorted character designs and concept art. (found among the sketches and character concepts on this blog!)
Here’s the box that the dolls will be living in for the month. Perfect sized box that was whipped together in about an hour and a half.
Here’s the sign on the door as you walk into this particular gallery. I was excited to see that the faculty took a shot from my Camel Country film to put on the sign.
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