Inktober Week 4 and a possible NEW SERIES??!!

Ok so this Inktober thing got me creating some pretty awesome characters that I really want to expand with. Here are the “first original” designs for these guys that I may revamp later….

Inktober Week 2


Inktober #8
Jeb “Silver Shot” Jenkins: Fastest guns this side of the Atlantic.

Inktober #9
Chul-Luk: Shaman of the Yookabaru tribe and licensed boat owner.

Inktober #10
1908- Yuri Cabot is the first explorer to reach the East Pole.
Inktober #11
PepsiMan……………don‘t ask.
Inktober #12

Rodney Kurtz is no longer a hoser, ey?

Inktober #13
CRU-5AT0R: Online and ready for battle!

Inktober #14
Eli Valentine could croon with the best of them down on the ol’ strip.

Inktober: Week 1

 Inktober #1
Goshi the samurai frog took a seat on his favorite rock….

 Inktober #2 
Lieutenant Colonel Jacobs in his heyday.

 Inktober #3 
For a stubborn mule, Fogle is one heck of a War Horse.

 Inktober #4
Malcom has to make up for that extra cupcake he had last night.

Inktober #5
Silus Finnegan Willoughby III had made the discovery of the century.

Inktober #6 
Iggy would rather stick to the V200 series battle suit rather than the new 300s

Inktober #7
Mondo thought to himself, ‘I wish I was taller.’