New Comic Strip Idea. “Flip Side” (working title)

So I made a New Year’s resolution: To get back to drawing for at least 30 minutes every day. So far, so good.
Long ago, I used to draw a personal comic strip. For about 8 years, I would come up with a daily gag using characters that I had created. I estimate about 2500 pages of drawings/jokes in that time. But the months went on, I had other priorities. I tried to get back into the old routine, but for the longest time, I lost the ability to come up with jokes, gags, snappy phrases and quips.
So without further ado, I present to you: My new comic strip series.
The comic focuses on Murphy, a Sea Lion who befriends a small group of fellow Pinnipeds. The comic generally focuses on Murphy’s daily life with his friends and around their work.
The Cast:
-Valerie (a seal): The cute and attractive love interest. Valerie is a sweet, strong, active, working girl. She’s the waitress at the local beach grill, and a performer at the city’s oceanarium.
-Murphy (a sea lion): The charismatic central character of the series. He’s a hard worker and doesn’t take guff from anyone.
-Trent (an elephant seal): The brash jerk of the group. He is a wild seal, living up the coastline with his “frat house” of other elephant seals. He makes a living as the owner of the grill that the cast hangs out at.
-Wyatt (a walrus): The friendly, dim witted giant. He is a subject at the city’s Marine Biology Research Lab.
Murphy sketches

Wyatt sketches
I have quite a few gags written down, so stand by for my latest weekly project.

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