Rosco Scarecrow

Rosco is a scarecrow who hates his job. He has greater ambitions for a better career, but he can’t come to the reality that he is and always will be, a scarecrow, (or Aves Fright Engineer as he likes to professionally call it). As a scarecrow, you may assume that he doesn’t have a brain, but he does. AN EVIL ONE! This is one scarecrow that knows what it takes to get the job done. He’s persistent in his scaring tactics and is hard to loose in a chase. Shovels, rakes, mallets, bats and any other tool he can get his hands on are his last resort to “shoo” away birds. He sometimes carries a shotgun with him in case things get out of hand, proving that he his the perfect foil for Conroy. In general, Rosco is strict, low, mean, and devilish that will stop at nothing to make sure his employee’s gardens are pest free. All ordinary crows fear his name.
I wanted to have him look very ragtag. Straw hat, patched jacket and pants, both of which used of course, and a face that reminds you of a jack o lantern. As a scarecrow, he has no organs or bones whatso ever, so I can really do anything to him regarding slapstick and physical humor. He’s designed from the simple idea of a hobo and an evil version of the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.
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