Conroy Crow

Conroy can be defined as “the bravest crow in these here parts”. For a country bumpkin, he has a high IQ in street smarts that enable him to get out of any jam and predicament with ease. He’s very resourceful and will use his surroundings to enhance his chances of victory. When pushed, this bird pushes back harder in order to show that his small size is nothing to mock. Conroy is a tough little guy with a big heart of gold.
Conroy was a lot of fun to come up with. I did a lot of research on crows and quite frankly, crows are the perfect animals to make into cartoons. Here’s some fun crow facts that helped me conjure up this cartoon crow:
– Crows and Ravens are the smartest of all birds.
-They have a great memory. In fact, they might be the only birds that know how to count.
-Love corn, but will eat anything.
-They are accused for eating crops, but in some cases, they just eat the insects, ergo saving the crops!
-A flock of crows are called a ‘Gang’ or a ‘Mob’
-Very brave! They will face other birds bigger than them if needed (Owls and Hawks)
-Very resourceful. Crows have grown accustomed to our human environment.
-Crows live in tight families. Often they will band together and help each other steal food from larger stronger birds, whether they are in the same ‘Gang’ or not.
Conroy is my most controversial character I have come up with. Hard bleeding animationwith aficionados might recognize Conroy to be designed after other cartoon birds such like the crows from Dumbo, Frank Tashlin’s Screen Gem “Crow”, and Buzzy the Funny Crow from HarveyToons.
Now in my defense, none of these cartoon crows were very successful. At the time, they were voiced kinda like Eddie Anderson (black comedian from The Jack Benny show 1950s). It was like they were all the same character.

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