Globber-Mite and Globber-Man

Globber Man started out simply as this, a green glob blob with two eyes, a stubby nose, and 2 form-able two boxing glove type hands.
Globber Man’s personality was the typical eager young hero wanting to see where his life would take him. Since he was made out of whatever glob was, he wondered if he would ever be a part of the Elemental Agents and thought of himself as an outsider. The time came for him to prove that his element was a practical one, and with that, saved the day and became a full fledged member of the Elemental Agents.
As the series got a bit more flushed out, I came up with a grounded philosophy for my little characters. I thought, “Well, this doesn’t make him much of a man.” So I came up with the idea of having him have 2 forms. A simple travel size form, and a powered up humanized form.

I came up with the idea of naming him as Globber Mite.
While in his “mite” form, was able to shoot blob globs from his mouth, stretch, and ricochet off of walls like a rubber ball. His abilities were limited while in this form, but still had it’s advantages.
When in this “up-graded” form, he would be known as the true Globber Man. While in this form, he gained new abilities, but would have to sacrifice some old ones. As his “Man” form he advanced his fighting techniques with stronger arms (which are now amply loaded with blob globs to shoot from), and spawned some powerful legs enabling him to be more agile and acrobatic. He is still able to stretch in ways, but in this form he loses his defensive ability of turning into an unstoppable ball.
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