Globber-Man (2000)

Here’s a character from the MatTOON archives: Globber Man! (The little green dude at the top) and the rest of the Element Agents.

He’s green, he’s squishy, he’s a defender of peace! He’s GLOBBER MAN!
He’s a little green glob that fights along side the agents of the elements (kind of like the Justice League of Earthly matter)
Names (starting from top and left to right by each row) Globber Man, Water Man, Fire Man, Wood Man, Lava Man, Wind Woman, Rock Man, Lightning Man, Oil Man, Gold Man, Silver Woman, Ice Man, Marble Man, Crystal Girl, Snow Girl, Smoke Man, Rubber Boy, Dust Boy, Copper Man, Bronze Boy, Gem Woman, and Coal Man.
The point of this little character design experiment was to design various head shapes that would fit a texture theme to each character. For the most part, I believe that this was a fun little venture that got my head back into the thought of color design and inserting personality into what were just shapes of funny little folks.
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