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This desk is where it all happens. I have created a nice little nook here in Senior Studio at College for Creative Studies (Room 301). I was blessed to have a brand new animation light table made just in time for me to start my film. It looks a little messy, but it’s still fairly organized! The little blue box sitting to the right of my desk is the completed animation pile, where my shots are fully in-betweened and ready for inking and coloring.
Of course I have my laptop to the left there just in case I need it, and my main star , Camel sitting right on the desk.

During the first days of animation, this wall in front of you was quite intimidating, seeing how it had 230+ storyboards of my 5 minute film. My process was to simply bring down the scenes I had animated, leaving what needs to be done still right over my desk. Now its come down to my last six shots.
The Mickey Mouse glove is my little “high five for a job well done” decoration.
Just to the right of my desk is an inspiring 3rd story view of the CCS campus. On nice days such as this, the grounds are infesting with art students enjoying the nice weather. Those are the days when its hard to work due to the the distraction of Frisbees and footballs.

Now the question is, am I working hard or hardly working??
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