Gator Golfer

This was the first character sketches for Ajax. I didn’t know what kind of style I was going for to show Ajax’s playful yet competitive nature.

I thought about switching gears and making him retro and small, more of a rascal. That wasn’t the case either. Most of the time I mix and match to create a final character design. For Ajax, I took one of the simple stout designs and fine tuned some of the tooth and scale details from another.

It didn’t take long to come up with a jerk for Ajax to go up against. Brent Steele is the compilation of every tool, jock, and rich snob I have had the “pleasure” to meet.
The following are some sketches and gestures of gags for the story.
I was playing with the idea of Ajax having some sort of Florida Crane or something to be his caddy.
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