A Million Ways to Die in the West DVD Illustrations

Last summer I had the opportunity to do a freelance project that involved drawing some cartoons and illustrations for Seth McFarline’s latest comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West. The artwork was going to be part of the the initial DVD special features, having a narrator (voiced by Seth himself?) recall horrible, crazy, far-fetched, and overall silly ways that people could have died in the old west. They never ended up including this feature to the discs for the release, but it was still a lot of fun to do.

These are the first drawings that were used to nail down the “stick figure” cowboy who would be the victim to the stories.

The shorts would scroll through the drawings like a path of a map while the narration tells the details of the character’s fate.


Death by riding a horse off a cliff

Death by being pulled in half out of quicksand

Death by choking on a toy train

Death by getting sucked up into a wormhole

Husband shoots wife because she smells like a toilet

Death by fire

Death by malfunctioning tractor beam from a UFO

Death by drowning in a horse trough

Death by sandstorm

Transforming into a demon and getting shot down

Death by pirate raid

Death by chandelier

Death by choking on dentures

Death by drinking vulture droppings in water supply
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