Mighty the Armadillo is probably my favorite Sonic character. His design is really basic and his colors really seem to be his trademark look. I really wish he had a game of his own. He was also among one of the oldest Sonic characters to be created. He was around long before Tails and was able to come back and star as a team member for Knuckles’ Chaotix.
Here’s to an unappreciated Sonic character. Mighty, you rock.


Not my best rendition of Espio, but then again I wouldn’t post this stuff if I didn’t like it in someway. Keep in mind that I am drawing these Sonic characters in their old school designs. I’m not too thrilled of their 2000s revamp. This is how Espio looked in Knuckles’ Chaotix in 1995, before Sega made him a ninja chameleon.

Yes, of course Sonic

When I was growing up with his first Sega games, he was in his classic design. Simple black eyes, and a practical proportion of his trademark spines. I started collecting Sonic Comics from the very beginning in 1993 and was blown away by other Sonic renditions by artists like Scott Shaw!, Manny Galan, Sam Maxwell, Jon Gray, and my personal favorite Patrick Spaziante.
When Sega wanted to revamp him in 1998, Sonic took what I think was a turn for the worse. He looked meaner, stingy, and malicious with his new slicked spines, green eyes, and smirk. Here’s to a classic video game character when he was in his prime (1990 – 1995).

Fairly OddParents

Butch Hartman’s Fairly OddParents is a guilty pleasure of mine. I just love his retro character design and super quick humor that is showcased in every episode. Here’s to you Butch!

Fairly Odd Parents are copyright Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon