Xax Starclipper

Xax Starclipper is the brave, charming, adventure seeking straight-man who is one of those lucky folks who loves his job. He’s very professional and resourceful when he’s on safari missions and always keeps a level head when in trouble. He’s not too educated when it comes to using his partner’s high tech “doohickeys”. He’d rather rely on his own practical skills.
I wanted kind of a catchy name like Luke Skywalker for my main character for Space Zoo. I figured Starclipper was kind of a fun last name that a hip alien would have. As all main characters go, I designed him to be pretty much mainstream. Fit, athletic, normal wardrobe, and a color scheme that reminds you of America.

Space Zoo (2005)

This is Space Zoo. It’s a series I came up with back in 2005.
Basically, it’s a story I worked out involving two Alien Zookeepers (the good-guys) who cross paths with a clan Alien Poachers (the bad-guys).
The taller alien is named Xax, who plays the role as my brave, level headed hero. Igmar or “Iggy”, is Xax’s sarcastic, geeky sidekick. I will share more info about them later as the Blog expands. Stay toon’d!