Marine Biologist

“I dont know if it was devine intervention or the kingship of all living things, but I tell you Jerry at that moment………….I was a Marine Biologist.”
-George Castanza: Seinfeld episode The Marine Biologist

Double Take

I’m not too thrilled about doing CG animation, but I am glad that I took these classes. Now I know what kind of tedious work goes into creating animation for Pixar, Dreamworks, Blue Sky, and Sony CG films.
This is just a Double Take exercise using BasicMan.
Key Animation thumbnails

Buffalo Music Box

Buffalo Gil stumbles across a music box and decides to give it a whirl.
I always hated these things when I was a kid. Jack in the Box always freaked me out, even when I knew it was going to pop out. This pencil test is a little interpretation of the adrenaline that ran through my head before the Weasel went “POP”!.
The layout and animation sketches for this test can be found here if you wish to look at how I came up with the idea.

Maanii’s Mad at Emmitt

Emmitt (left) and Maanii (right) are two characters that I for one didn’t create on my own. (Emmitt was but long story). Rachael wanted to see her characters move and interact so I jumped at the opportunity to test out character animation and comedic timing.

Dynamic Globber Man and Boomer-Randy

I did the layout animation for this while my classmate and friend Jeff Yandura did the in-betweens for this pencil test. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

In this pencil test, I was to do the opposite. Here I animated the in-betweens from Jeff’s Layout animation. You can tell what ones are his by the colored pencil key drawings, which is something that I should have done with mine. Again, I am quite pleased with the result, and so was Jeff!

Xax Animation Test

I was experimenting more with effects animation, and this time I was leaning more toward explosion effects.

Xax here hears something around the corner, picks up an object and realizes that its a time bomb. He is able to throw it out of site in the nick of time.

Storyboard thumbnails

Sneak pencil test

and the heroic throw and leap