Fairly OddParents

Butch Hartman’s Fairly OddParents is a guilty pleasure of mine. I just love his retro character design and super quick humor that is showcased in every episode. Here’s to you Butch!

Fairly Odd Parents are copyright Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon

Lionel Lineman: Scared

LOOKY HERE! It’s my first animation since I finished my senior film in May! I still got it!!

Here is my new minor character that I’ll be showcasing on here, Lionel Lineman.
I’m trying out a new animation program and I was just goofing around with it when I came up with this little animation test. I want to try and do at least a 3 second animation test once a week.
So without further ado, Lionel getting spooked in a typical character animation test.
Welcome to the MatTOONArt cast Lionel!

Lost Art: Clash of the Elements

It took 9 years but I finally found it: One of my best cartoon drawings as a teenager.

I’m guessing I drew this in (probably) 2001. I had a huge idea to draw Globber-Man and the other Element Agents fight against the equally powerful Man Made Agents in a all out battle royal that would fill up an entire page of violent chaos!
I have begun to hate myself for my drawing skills in the past. This was all done in pencil, but was all drawn on the first try. Now days, I draft line all of my characters in action and it takes longer to finalize them. Back then I was so confident in my line work that it seemed that my pen or pencil was doing all the work! I am amazed at how much is really going on in this drawing and it was a nice little reminder of how passionate I was with this little character and that I would spend my whole afternoon to draw 20+ characters fighting and evading each others attacks.
Looking at this really inspired me to re-draw it with the new drawing skills that I have learned since then. Who knows, maybe soon there will be a “10th Anniversary” rendered print of this piece.

Gator Golfer

This was the first character sketches for Ajax. I didn’t know what kind of style I was going for to show Ajax’s playful yet competitive nature.

I thought about switching gears and making him retro and small, more of a rascal. That wasn’t the case either. Most of the time I mix and match to create a final character design. For Ajax, I took one of the simple stout designs and fine tuned some of the tooth and scale details from another.

It didn’t take long to come up with a jerk for Ajax to go up against. Brent Steele is the compilation of every tool, jock, and rich snob I have had the “pleasure” to meet.
The following are some sketches and gestures of gags for the story.
I was playing with the idea of Ajax having some sort of Florida Crane or something to be his caddy.


Have you ever felt like the world was just going too fast for you? It’s like there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that you plan to do. Lately I’ve felt like this drawing. I had time to doodle this one evening when I was able to get a small break in my day.