Nelvana of the Northern Lights

🇨🇦Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 Nelvana of the Northern Lights is Canada’s first comic book superhero, and one of the very first comic book super-heroines ever! (She debuted before Wonder Woman!) This Inuit demigoddess has powers that include telepathy, invisibility, and flight at the speed of light! So cool!

A Bug’s Life 20th

“For the for the colony and oppressed ants everywhere!!”
After 20 years, A Bug’s Life still remains to be my # 1 favorite Pixar movie. A small dweeby ant who unknowingly recruits a troop of sub par circus performers to fight off a suppressive biker gang of grasshoppers, and succeeds through teamwork, ingenuity, and inspiring bravery is the perfect formula for a terrific story.

RIP Stephen Hillenburg

It was my first time going to Nickelodeon for an actual job. I was freelancing as a storyboarder on an episode of SpongeBob. As I waited in the lobby, Stephen Hillenburg walked by with some other guys. ‘Hey! I’m here to work on his show! What a coincidence!’ , I thought. To say Stephen was talented, funny and creative isn’t remotely enough. He re-invented the wheel and shocked new life into animated comedy through both Rocko’s Modern Life and of course SpongeBob! So much of his career is what got me interested in storyboarding. Later I was told that my storyboard test was well received by the rest of the story crew. I’m sure Stephen never laid eyes on it, being the busy guy he was, but to this day I’ve always secretly hoped he did. After all, I was at the studio because of his influential work. RIP Mr. Hillenburg.