Ajax Character Art

I found some character concept from a story I came up with a few years back.
Gator Golfer told the tale of a rude and rich golf pro who decides to construct his own private 18 hole golf course in the Florida Everglades. Ajax, the head alligator of the area, decides to retaliate in order to save his home, as well as the environment for his fellow swamp neighbors. The two characters agree to a contest to see who owns the right to be in the everglades, and whoever wins at 18 holes of golf wins the swamp. As it turns out Ajax knows nothing about golfing and cheats in order to win, while the pro golfer turns out to be a dirty rotten cheat himself, hence why he is such a “pro golfer”! The story from there chronicles whose the better cheat.

Vince Fly-trap

I wanted to take a break from creating characters from animals, so I took a stab at creating a character out of a plant. Low and behold, Vince the Venus Fly-trap. Above, you can spot where I have some different head designs.

Murray Monster

Meet Murray, a rejected design of a monster for a class assignment. Here I am trying to design a character that boasts the best in retro style, and alas, he doesn’t make the cut. He was criticized for looking too much like a werewolf and too dog like. I personally think he was kinda hip and cute for a monster. Hang in there buddy, I’ll use you at some point!

Renzo Manta

How do you make a cartoon character out of a Manta Ray? Well I tried this test, and I came up with Renzo!
Renzo Manta is my newest character I have had the pleasure to create. There’s something about semi exotic animals that I like to characterize. They are familiar enough to recognize, and yet still able to stand out as a new cartoon character.
This is just some character studies to get the design right for him. I decided to have him with kite like arms and the head fins just over his eyes. Now real Mantas don’t have legs obviously, so I created fin like limbs to make him able to stand. The tail is a simple line, similar to a common mouse tail.

Renzo, I figure, would be a very curious character, questing to know more about the ways surface dwellers live. A bit naive about things, but that’s what would make him such an engaging character. He has a natural instinct to learn about new things and look at them in a new light. Due to lack of knowledge, he would be brave enough to front anything all for the sake of interest.

I’m still cycling through colors with Renzo. The blue version I think makes him a bit friendlier, while the traditional black makes him look more realistic. He’s a fun character to draw, so there will definitely be more drawings of this new creation in the future!
Fun facts about Mantas:
-They are quite friendly and curious about human nature. They will often swim with scuba divers and approach stopped boats.
-Mantas are able to breach the surface like dolphins and whales.
-They have a “wing span” of about 25 feet, and can weigh about 5,000 pounds.
-They hang out in the tropical waters of the world.

My Workspace

This desk is where it all happens. I have created a nice little nook here in Senior Studio at College for Creative Studies (Room 301). I was blessed to have a brand new animation light table made just in time for me to start my film. It looks a little messy, but it’s still fairly organized! The little blue box sitting to the right of my desk is the completed animation pile, where my shots are fully in-betweened and ready for inking and coloring.
Of course I have my laptop to the left there just in case I need it, and my main star , Camel sitting right on the desk.

During the first days of animation, this wall in front of you was quite intimidating, seeing how it had 230+ storyboards of my 5 minute film. My process was to simply bring down the scenes I had animated, leaving what needs to be done still right over my desk. Now its come down to my last six shots.
The Mickey Mouse glove is my little “high five for a job well done” decoration.
Just to the right of my desk is an inspiring 3rd story view of the CCS campus. On nice days such as this, the grounds are infesting with art students enjoying the nice weather. Those are the days when its hard to work due to the the distraction of Frisbees and footballs.

Now the question is, am I working hard or hardly working??


Is it cute? Is it ugly? I’ll let you be the judge.
This little guy is Ebo, Xax’s friendly little pet able to mimic any sound what so ever. Voices, accents, music, effects and so on. I wanted it to be like a parrot, but able to have a 100 trillion word vocabulary. As you can see his design is’t entirely nailed down yet, but I’m aiming for a beetle, sea horse, dragon fly hybrid creature.

Hallie and Luna Roswell

Hallie Roswell is my attractive, love interest in my story Space Zoo. Hallie is the head veterinarian at the intergalactic zoo. When I came up with these alien characters, I wanted to have them look differently from my other creations, so I wanted to try and step up my anatomy drawing when making these characters.
Hallie is a single mom, and she is accompanied in these sketches by her 6 year old daughter, Luna Roswell.

For those who haven’t gotten the trivia to their names:

Hallie Roswell is named after Hallie’s comet and Roswell, New Mexico (the site of the 1947 UFO crash site conspiracy)
Luna Roswell is named after Earth’s moon in Latin lūna.